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Last updated February 24, 2023.


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Purchases are always made on external affiliate company websites. Therefore, when a viewer or reader clicks on an affiliate link on to buy an item. The reader or viewer purchases the item directly from the seller, not and other companies often pay a small commission or further compensation for helping to bring consumers to their websites.Prices are always the same for consumers, whether they purchase via affiliate or non-affiliate links.Note that clicking a non-affiliate link and an affiliate link does not change the price of the product or anything else, for that matter, for the online usually uses two main types of affiliate programs:

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If, by chance, you click a product affiliate link and buy the said product. We will get a percentage of the sale or some other form of compensation.Again, it would be best if you noted that prices are not different for the affiliate links. Therefore, you will not pay more by clicking the link or buying your product via the affiliate link. These links are not Pay per Click links.If you require more information or have questions about our site’s disclaimer, please email us at [email protected] or contact us by clicking here.